Accounting & Bookkeeping

Excellence offers a wide spectrum of accounting services that answers to the financial needs of any business in the global market. Our experienced and expert accountants ensure that the financial statements are complying with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) and are committed to keep the highest level of professional standards and quality.

  • Setting up Accounting procedures as per IFRS
  • Identifying Financial Accounting Software and its Implementation e.g. Tally, QuickBooks, Sage, Peach tree etc.
  • Updating accounts on periodical basis
  • Supervising and reviewing of financial accounting records
  • Financial Reporting on periodical basis i.e. monthly, quarterly or half yearly
  • Forecasts, Budgets and Projections
  • Training and supervising accountant
  • Outsourcing payroll processing
  • Advising on financial structure of new ventures
  • Create comprehensive policies and procedures to streamline accounting operations